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Welcome to our free, high-paying job board.

Welcome to our free job board offering many different types of occupations spanning across various industries.  These and more are represented on our free job board and throughout our high paying employment network. A few jobs include:

  • Office and administrative jobs: These include positions such as administrative assistants, customer service representatives, and data entry clerks.
  • Sales jobs: These include positions such as retail sales associates, sales representatives, and real estate agents.
  • Healthcare jobs: These include positions such as nurses, doctors, and home health aides.
  • Manufacturing and production jobs: These include positions such as assembly line workers, machinists, and quality control inspectors.
  • Construction and extraction jobs: These include positions such as carpenters, electricians, and heavy equipment operators.
  • Transportation and material moving jobs: These include positions such as truck drivers, delivery drivers and shipping/receiving clerks.
  • Art, design, entertainment, sports, and media jobs: These include positions such as artists, graphic designers, and photographers.
  • Education and training jobs: These include positions such as teachers, trainers, and librarians.
  • Management, business, and finance jobs: These include positions such as managers, financial analysts, and accountants.
  • Computer and mathematical jobs: These include positions such as software developers, data scientists, and network administrators.

This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other types of occupations in various fields and industries.

Here are some additional examples of types of careers and vocational occupations across various industries:

  • Legal jobs: These include positions such as lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants.
  • Social services and community jobs: These include positions such as social workers, counselors, and non-profit managers.
  • Sciences jobs: These include positions such as biologists, chemists, and environmental scientists.
  • Architecture and engineering jobs: These include positions such as architects, civil engineers, and mechanical engineers.
  • Food service and hospitality jobs: These include positions such as servers, chefs, and hotel managers.
  • Personal care and service jobs: These include positions such as hairdressers, cosmetologists, and personal trainers.
  • Protective service jobs: These include positions such as police officers, security guards, and firefighters.
  • Farming, fishing, and forestry jobs: These include positions such as farmers, fishers, and forest technicians.
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair jobs: These include positions such as electricians, HVAC technicians, and maintenance workers.
  • Production, transportation, and material moving jobs: These include positions such as assembly line workers, machinists, and quality control inspectors.

As you can see, there are many different types of occupations across various industries, each with its own set of responsibilities and qualifications.  With Occupations.Com, you can quickly search for any type of job near any city in the US across thousands of types of SOC Codes at no cost.


At Occupations.Com, our job is to help get you one, but the use of our free job board is entirely at your own risk. While we take pride in delivering the highest quality of free job leads possible, we remind you to always be vigilant if asked to disclose personal information. Among others, this may include banking details, pin codes, 2-factor authentications, social security numbers, credit card information, passwords or other confidential data.

ALWAYS be careful when dealing with strangers. Make sure any details you voluntarily disclose are pertinent, relevant and are genuinely needed. NEVER pay an upfront fee for an interview, processing fee, special equipment, parking pass or a background search. NEVER agree to an interview in a possibly-unsafe location. ALWAYS make sure you have thoroughly researched the company and its officers. ALWAYS verify the legitimacy of any phone number, website or physical addresses that may be provided by looking it up independently of the job posting.  Among other precautions, make sure to ALWAYS research the background of the interviewer and the company’s overall reputation. Also, consider searching for truthful comments posted by past and present employees.

Welcome to Occupations.Com, where our job is to help you get you one. Fast.

This aggregator job board is not associated with any other private, public, for-profit, non-profit, academic or governmental entity. Use of our free job board is entirely at your own risk. While we take pride in delivering the highest quality job leads possible, we remind you to be vigilant if ever asked to disclose personal information including banking details, pin codes, 2-factor authentications, social security numbers, credit card information, passwords and other confidential data.

Make sure any details you voluntarily disclose are pertinent, relevant and genuinely needed. NEVER pay an upfront fee for an interview, processing fee, equipment, parking pass or a background search. NEVER agree to meet in a non-public or possibly-unsafe place. ALWAYS make sure you have thoroughly researched the company with which you are dealing, the legitimacy of any web or physical addresses provided, the background and character of the interviewer as well as the overall reputation of the company.

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